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New patient resources support mental health and emotional wellness

September 7, 2017

Most people experience daily stress. Although we realize the importance of mental health and emotional wellness, some need support to identify and manage the stress they experience. Thanks to the work of the Burnaby Division of Family Practice, physicians now have a resource to help empower patients to take care of their own emotional and mental health while navigating the complex health care system. “Why Your Emotional Health Matters” is a three-part video series that educates patients on practical and simple steps they can take to increase their emotional health and wellbeing. These videos aim to help patients in identifying the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress, the importance of understanding their levels of control, and will provide them with an overview of tactics they can use to manage their daily stress. The three videos available are: 

These short and informative videos were designed with the intention of being easily repurposed by other physicians for use in their practices or communities. They are part of a larger web series entitled “Empowering Patients” which seeks to help patients better understand how to optimize their health through their relationship with their doctor in their daily lives.

For more information about how you can use these videos to educate your patients, please contact